Providing a full range of classic vehicle services for customers throughout the UK
Providing a full range of classic vehicle services for customers throughout the UK

Classic car sales, the all new Pre 1973 range 

Welcome to the Lemon Road classic car sales page where we are offering nice, genuine and affordable classic cars from the 1930's through to 1973


All available cars are advertised on this page and you can enquire by telephone, email or in person at our garage in Brewood, Staffordshire.   If you are looking for a specific vehicle, why not ask us to source it for you?  The gallery below also gives you a sneak preview of whats also available in 2017


We hope you enjoy this new feature and the further pages scheduled as the stock increases. 


Thank you 


Darren & Sharon



Cars available in 2018

Call us for more information on these exciting new arrivals 

1963 Wolseley 6/110 Auto 

1963 Wolseley 6/110 Auto


This lovely six cylinder Farina has recently retired from the 60’s ITV’s crime drama “ Endeavour” in which she was used as a period Police car, a picture of which is included in the listing.  I’m also advised that she was featured in the new movie “ The Crown” and the SKY drama “ Guerilla” again used as a period Police car.  So, 997BRV has certainly had a busy couple of years.  


In fact on the route to our premises yesterday, several Police cars pulled alongside our driver to give the thumbs up. After all, a black 6/110 is iconic of 1960’s Policing, with or without the blue lights and Winkworth Bell.  These cars commanded attention back then and still do the same today.


So, onto a detailed description but of course feel free to arrange to view or contact me with any questions.



The black coachwork is very shiny and of course she has been painted at some point. Thankfully there are no holes in the roof or marks caused by the TV or police equipment.  Like many of these big 60’s cars there have been repairs and some ripples are evident but overall 997 BRV is very straight.  There are also some isolated areas of bubbling but to be honest unless you are buying a showroom car, it’s to be expected. These are by no means unsightly or serious, just the usual imperfections you would expect considering the cars age.  The door shuts could do with painting properly, especially considering how well the exterior has been refinished. So we will do this as part of the sale.  Underside has seen welding, again common on these cars and some of it, although structurally sound, could do with a bit of a tidy.  Most of the bright work is excellent, however both bumpers have pitting and corrosion spots so these will done as part of the sale.  The wing mirrors are also past it and the radio antenna is broken, again these will be replaced as part of the sale.


Overall this 6/110 is very smart cosmetically and with our tweaks done, most will be happy to use her as she is.



The cabin is in my opinion very good, with exception to some splits in the leather and some tarnish to the veneer on the drivers door. So we will again do these items as part of the sale.  The carpets are superb and I suspect are new, however  they have been fitted very well. Headliner is excellent and without any damage caused by the blue light wiring.  She also has her original radio which works fine, however this requires a new antenna. During the road test, I noticed a couple of electrical items not working so these will be done as part of the sale.



The six cylinder unit runs superb and is very quiet on tick over. During a 15 minute road test this morning I can report that the auto box behaved like you would expect, including the kick down and the brakes were also very the good.  In my view this car drives as well as any Jaguar of its periods and although it won’t win any races. You can certainly sit back in the big leather chairs and waft along with very little road or engine noise considering her age. The power steering also worked very well.


Overall, mechanically I feel she needs nothing more than a good service.



997BRV is a rare and striking car which is not showroom, however she has nice paint, no serious corrosion, smart interior and lovely mechanics.  We will of course carry out the list of tweaks as outlined in the advert, including checking the car over fully before releasing to the new owner.  She could continue with her TV career or even transform into a full time police replica. Maybe you just want to enjoy her as she is. The choice is yours. 



Although MOT exempt from May of this year, our policy is to continue putting all our cars through test, regardless of age. Therefore 997BRV will be supplied with 12 months MOT.  We can also confirm that she is HPI clear.



As part of the sale price, we will carry out the list of works outlined in the listing.  We will however require a deposit once sold and before works are started, with the balance payable on or before day of collection and of course a satisfactory sign off from the buyer once all work is completed.  Timescales and completion dates would be agreed between both parties. 



1970 MGBGT

1970 MGBGT 


Selling on behalf of local customer who is now moving abroad so the MG has to go.  Purchased in 2006 the current owner has spent a of money on this car and it also had a new engine prior to him taking ownership, including some previous restoration work. 


Finished in Teal Blue with black interior, this GT is a great everyday car which can be enjoyed all year round.  Regarding an overview, the following is an honest description of the general condition at the time of this advert. 



The MG has had some extensive restoration and the work has been photographed through various stages, copies of which are available.  Old steel and rusted panels were replaced, including the inner arch sections, doors and sills.  The work has been extensive and although completed a good number of years ago, the car still looks good.  Of course there are some minor marks here and there but overall the MG looks smart and presentable.  The front and rear screens have a small amount of misting around the edges, a common issue with BL cars from the period. 



Apart from a small section of stitching that has come adrift on the driver’s squab, the interior is in excellent condition. 



As previously advised, the MG has a new engine which the current owner advises has only done 1100 miles during his ownership.  Mainly due to him living abroad part of the year the MG only having limited use during the summer months.  The car starts on the button and sounds lovely 


There are lots of old MOT’s, service and parts invoices, including a full set of restoration photographs. Its clear the MG has been well pampered. I would however urge viewings and of course please contact me with any questions. 


Finally, as previously mentioned. The owner is selling due to moving abroad and so all offers will be considered. On sale a deposit is required with the balance payable on or before day of collection.  The MG is also HPI clear



1961 Jaguar MK2 2.4 MOD 

Fantastic opportunity. 1961 Jaguar 2.4 MOD MK2, 1 owner and 32000 miles from new. Out of hibernation after 40 years and currently being restored by ourselves for a private customer. She will have a full body restoration, bare metal repaint, refurbished interior, including wood, mechanical overhaul, etc, etc and of course MOT. This car is for sale post restoration and i would urge interested parties to reserve this wonderful car without hesitation. We aim to have her ready by July/August and a deposit secures. You will also be able to oversea the work being done and through to completion.




1971 MGB Roadster

Selling on behalf of private owner, this two seater British classic is very near concourse condition following a fully comprehensive rebuild in 2003, including a heritage shell.  The condition of this car is outstanding and the restoration work has been done to a very high standard.  The current owner is only selling due to purchasing an Abingdon (his dream car) so the MG is now for sale.


We would strongly advise interested parties to come and view with any inspection welcome, however the following is in our opinion an accurate overview of the cars current condition.  More photo’s will be added once the weather improves



From the moment you cast eyes on this car you can see how well the restoration work was done.  The paintwork is near flawless with a very deep shine, complimenting the superb panel gaps and laser straight bodywork.  The only current issue is the hood frame, which is stiff, and some damage to the hood cover.  The owner accidently tore the fabric so has agreed to replace the hood and frame as part of the sale.  This would then bring the body to near concourse condition.  The chrome is first class throughout, including the wire wheels



Again, the interior is immaculate and spotless with no obvious issues. This was again all fully refurbished during the cars restoration in 2003.



The MG runs and drives, as you would expect considering the high level of refurbishment work done. The owner has kept it well serviced and maintained regardless of cost and the engine bay is in pristine condition.  Mileage stands at just 15640 and represents the mileage covered since the full restoration back in 2003



This 1971 Roadster is absolutely stunning and appears to need nothing.  The only known fault is the hood and frame but as advised, the current owner will replace this as part of the sale.  I really recommend that you come and view this car, you will not be disappointed.


Viewings strictly by appointment as the car is still with the owner and therefore interested buyers will need to contact us in the first instance.  Transport can be arranged throughout the UK and a deposit is required on sale with the balance due on or before day of collection.


Please contact me with any questions. 




1962 Bentley Continental S2 Park Ward 

1962 Bentley Continental Drop Head by Park Ward 


Being sold on behalf of finance company that now control the asset following a number of years of being on display at a London motor Museum. 


Introduced in the autumn of 1959 and described as 'arguably the best looking' by Martin Bennett' in his book 'Bentley Continental', the S2 version typically cost some 40% more than the equivalent standard steel saloon and was definitely the preserve of a privileged few. The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II and Bentley S2 appeared externally unchanged from their Silver Cloud and S-Type predecessors, though their performance was considerably enhanced by the new 6,230cc aluminium-alloy engine producing approximately 25% more power than the old six. It offered high-speed travel in silence and luxury. The Continental version steered away from its often-standard steel sister and was usually coachbuilt. The firms of H. J. Mulliner, Park Ward, James Young and Hooper all offered handcrafted bodies on the Continental S2 chassis. Of the 388 S2 Continentals made, just 125 came draped with bodies from the Willesden firm and, with such illustrious heritage going right back to the early days of W. O. Bentley and his engineering company in nearby Cricklewood, they could often be found on the Côte d'Azur and St. Moritz. 


This example sports an early example of Park Ward's influential 'straight-through wing' body style and proved popular; it offered a feeling of speed and elegance. Importantly a rare factory drophead model, it was initially sold into stock at R. S. Mead Ltd. of Maidenhead before selling to a Mr. Ferranti on North Wales with a registration of 95 DXY in April 1962. It came with electrically operated windows, a power operated hood and hood cover, Dunlop Roadspeed tubeless tyres and luggage straps. It is worth noting that it also came with a heavy-gauge frame, UR 4743. In 1965, the car passed to a Mr. Fattorini of Likely, Yorkshire before the trail goes cold.

Still carrying its colour scheme, Regal Red with off-white leather upholstery, beige West of England cloth headlining and beige carpeting, we pick up the story in 1990 when it caught the eye of a Mr. E. Shah. Famous for a number of media empires and for a diverse portfolio of interests, Eddie Shah caught the public eye when he ‘left’ the Manchester Evening News and launched the Today newspaper and Messenger Newspaper Group. He quickly found his footing and soon, with a few more titles under his belt, rocked the political establishment by using anti-trade union laws introduced by Margaret Thatcher’s governments to defeat the print unions. The unions were hog-tying British industry and Eddie Shah, to his credit, bought them to the negotiating table. A full report and road test was commissioned that made for expensive reading but, never being one to shy away from a challenge, some £12,455 was spent in 1992 to bring this specialist motorcar back up to scratch. A Mr. Caldwell then acquired the vehicle in approximately 1994 followed by Mr. Kent from Norfolk in 2003. General servicing bills can be found within the history file to this effect. Mr. Kent then rebuilt the rear springs, replaced the main shaft and renovated the driver’s seat to the tune of nearly £4,000. 


This car is in good condition but still requires further improvement, however benefitting from some recent substantial mechanical and servicing bills to its credit, including over £5000 worth of MOT work, which included the following. 


New tyres

Rear shock absorbers 

Fully refurbished power steering ram 

Attention to previous welding repairs 

Electrical repairs 

Brake adjustments 

Fuel pump unit 



Recently the Bentley also received a new hood and additional interior refurbishment at a cost of around £12,000


There are still jobs to do if you want this car perfect, however its priced to reflect this and considering other similar models in poorer condition are being marketed in the UK at over £180,000, this S2 is certainly priced competitively.


Overall the Bentley is smart, clean and presentable. You could use this car as she is, the paintwork is very shiny and there are no unsightly area’s, however its not perfect and not on par with cars that fetch in excess of £250,000. The underside has had welding; some of this wasn’t the prettiest and had to be made stronger and more presentable for MOT.  Again, something, which would need addressing further to push this cars value over £200,000.  Mechanically, the Bentley does score points though, she drives very nice, has a smooth transmission and glides along gracefully as you would expect.  The interior is again good and has some serious money spent on it, however there is still room for improvement. 


So, to summarise.  This 1962 S2 Continental is a good presentable and well-maintained example that does require some further body attention and other detailing.  She has a good history and has a vast amount of money spent recently, including a new MOT.  Its by no means a show example but at the same time is not priced as such either.  After all, top models have exceed £500,000. 



As previously stated, we are selling on behalf of a Finance Company client and all offers would be considered by them before acceptance. Any offers agreed are subject to a deposit, which would be paid to them by card or bank transfer. The car will not leave us until such time as our client is in full funds and has provided us with a full release note. 


Viewings are welcome and we are happy to ship outside the UK, providing the above terms are met.  The Bentley is also HPI clear





1933 Hillman Club Sun Saloon

1933 Hillman Minx Club Sun Saloon Selling on behalf of local customer is now reducing his small car collection. 

Well known to the Hillman owners club and confirmed as one of only 5 of this models left . Not to mention that this particular car was extensively restored and exhibited at the Bradbury Motor Museum in Devon, prior to the current owner purchasing it from Holsworthy car museum in 2011. 
Condition is excellent throughout to say the least and a real testament to the quality of the restoration work. 
Bodywork  has had extensive restoration, including full refurbishment of the frame and outer body panels. The paintwork has a high glass finish and looks lovely against the padded burgundy roof. There are a number of pictures available to show the extent of the rebuild Interior As with the body, the interior has been fully retrimmed and restored to a very high level and looks wonderful. The headliner is also new and the varnished dash panel is also in excellent condition. 
Mechanicals Again this has been rebuilt and refurbished and there appears to be no noticeable mechanical issues. Recently the owner has had a new carb fitted, reconditioned steering box, propshaft and battery, reconditioned starter motor . The Hillman has also had a full service and MOT ( Although its exempt) 
History, the Minx was registered in Billericay, Essex on the 28 of February 1933, however build history confirms the car was manufactured towards the end of 1932. Amazingly, she has only had 3 previous owners over her 84 years. I would urge interested buyers to enquire without hesitation because good quality prewar cars in this condition are getting rare. 


1940 Pontiac Special Six 

1940 Pontiac Special Six Touring Sedan


We are pleased to offer this stunning 1940’s American classic on behalf of one of our best customers.   


The Pontiac was imported from the U.S to Belgium several years ago with our customer then importing it to the UK in early 2016.  During the last 12 months the car has had some further detailing and improvements at considerable cost.  This and other restoration work is covered in the following description but of course feel free to contact me with any questions. 




The Pontiac was originally supplied new in a dark blue colour, however after being shipped to Belgium, it went through quite an extensive restoration prior to our customer buying it last year.  The colour was changed to the lighter powder blue. Bodily the car is in very good shape with only very, very minor bits of surface corrosion in isolated areas.  The body panels are rock solid, straight and free from any filler or botched repairs. The underside is even better with no rust issues, damage or welding anywhere.  The chrome is also very good with only a small amount of pitting.  Overall all, the Pontiac is excellent bodily 




The Interior is again nice and had been fully refurbished prior to our customer importing it from Belgium.  The seats, door cards, headliner and finishing trims are nice and period with only minor wear on the upper surfaces.  All dials, switches and knobs work as they should, with exception to the radio and time clock which need to be converted to 12 volt as which we will be explained in the mechanical section of this description



The Pontiac is fabulous mechanically and has wanted for nothing during its current ownership.  She always starts first time and runs very quite with plenty of torque from the flat 6-cylinder engine.  We have recently fully reconditioned the gearbox due to a slight bearing noise and this is now superb.  Last year we also carried out a full rewire and 12-volt conversion, using a new loom supplied by California Pontiac.  This also included the fitting of an alternator to improve charging and the lighting.  The only items not converted were the radio and time clock. The cost of the re-wire and the gearbox was pretty extensive but our customer intended to keep the car long term.  We have also renewed all the tyres and fitted an up to-date immobilisor. The Pontiac is also MOT exempt but we have put her through anyway and she it tested until July 2018



This Pontiac comes with various items, including a copy of the U.S title from New Jersey, some manuals and handbooks, photo’s of shows attended in the UK and some lovely pictures of the car I its original blue colour during the early 1970’s. The owner has now kindly provided a box of history for the Pontiac going back to 1975 in which the owner at that time had written many letters to GM and suppliers regarding various service items, old insurance quotes and many other enquiries. There are also some 1939 Pontiac paint charts, trim options and specification costs from Dizzler Pontiac in Michigan, I assume the supplying dealer at the time.  There are even some showroom brochures on the car and parts manuals, again from the late 1930's and early 1940's.



This is a very striking and well-cared fore pre-war American classic which has had thousands spent on her over the last several years.  She drives great, looks fabulous and has a superb underside. The driving experience is far superior to anything built by us during the 40’s and with the new wiring and 12-volt conversion, the hard work has all been done.  The current owner loves this car and has dedicated all his time to making sure she is kept tiptop. He is very sad to sell it so I would ask that only genuine interested parties apply and of course feel free to contact with any questions. 




1968 Austin 1800

1968 Austin 1800 


Here we have a delightful and very honest late series 1 1800 in beige with tan interior.  I’m assuming this car was a 67 build as the series two cars were produced in 68. 


Mileage currently stands at 30418 but we can not verify if this correct, however the Austin certainly drives like a low mileage car and the seat bolsters are firm which is usually a good sign of car which has lower miles.  So, onto the condition which I will endeavour to describe with warts and all, however some of flaws are areas which we will take care of as part of the sale price. 



The Austin is very honest in this area and as with all of our cars, there has been no attempt to cover up any issues. The paintwork is in my opinion about 85% factory and considering she is 49 years old, there are of course areas, which have been touched up during its lifetime.   The boot lid has been painted before and shows signs of micro blistering and has some minor surface corrosion on the bottom lip.  The bonnet is original but does have some surface rust as a result of stone chips being left untreated after many years.  Around the headlights and indicators, the car is superb, as is the front panel, which is a common rust problem on 1800 so no issues in these areas. The corner bottoms of each door has some minor corrosion but not serious, the same with the bottom of each rear arch.  I would however like to point out that the boot; bonnet, door bottoms and arch panels will be rectified within the sale price so not really an issue. The rest of the car is rock solid, clean and tidy. 



The interior is very good indeed and consistent with low miles, with exception to the driver seat, which has one split on the base. We will however repair this within the sale price. The rest of the interior is lovely and the car is very comfortable, something these Land Crabs were well known for. Even the radio works !!




I drove the Austin this morning and wow, what a lovely car to drive. Smooth, quiet, responsive and without any issues.  Mechanically I do not feel there are any issues and we will service and MOT as part of the sale price. 



The Austin can be correctly described as honest, straight and drives great. The flaws highlighted are by no means serious but we as outlined, we will be taking care of these within the asking price.  Obviously if any buyers want to carry out this work themselves, then we will of course consider lesser offers.  We can provide competitively priced transport if needed and the Austin is HPI clear. 


Finally, the Austin comes with a pair of workshop manuals and boot full of spares. 


Card payments welcome and a deposit secures the car until works are completed or until vehicles is collected by buyer 




1963 Singer Gazelle 1600

1963 Singer Gazelle


Registered by supplying dealer Anchor Motors Chester on the 3rd of July 1963, we have this fabulous unmolested Rootes Group Classic 


Unbelievably only 38958 miles from new and still she retains her original two-letter registration.  This Singer must be one of, if not the lowest mileage example left in the country.  Not withstanding that she is pretty much factory original, never been restored which is rare considering she is 55 years old. 


Please take time to read the following description as I feel it’s important to have an accurate overview of this car. 



The Singer appears to be about 90% factory fresh and understandably isn’t as she was 55 years ago. The roof, bonnet and boot lid have minor surface only blisters and will require paintwork to make perfect.  We have decided not to do this so buyers can see the originality and no attempt has been made to cover anything up.   The side panels are however very good and solid, these do not need any immediate attention unless you want a showroom car.  There has been some paintwork done at the base of the front wings in previous years but that is to be expected considering her age.  The underside is excellent with no work required apart from undersealing etc. Please don’t be put off by the blisters, you have to consider that most of these cars would have been restored by now so it’s unusual to find one so original. 



Fabulous, that sums it up.  The seats are firm with no rips, door cards are excellent and the interior is very close to being like an 8-year-old car, not 55.  The factory radio even still works and the interior is a very nice place to be. 



The Singer starts on the button with no trouble and she drives great. The gearbox is smooth and brakes are excellent.  Behind the wheel you feel like you could drive this car anywhere. 




We had a dilemma when we received this car. Do we offer her in the repainted, bright and shiny condition or do we put her on the market with her originality. We have decided on the latter so that buyers can make their own mind up on whether to do anything at this stage.  We can of course quote for anything that is needed but in my humble opinion, the Singer should be left as she is for the time being.  Why erase 55 years? 



Please feel free to ask any questions or come and view.  We see a lot of Rootes cars and I can honestly say this is the best Singer we have had the pleasure of selling. You will not be disappointed 




1964 Vauxhall Victor FB

1964 Vauxhall Victor FB 


With an incredibly low mileage of just 45611 miles from new, backed up with 12 years of previous MOT history. This rare 60’s Vauxhall saloon has been in the same ownership for 10 years and prior to that, in storage for 18 years. 



With regards to the overall description, the following in my opinion describes the cars current condition. 



The Vauxhall was restored 8 years ago and still looks very clean and tidy.  Its not perfect but has been done to an acceptable standard with only a few minor areas requiring some TLC.  The roof has some blistering in the middle due to scratches being left unattended following an incident with a tree branch but its not dented and could be touched up.  There is also some minor bubbling on the corner of the driver’s door and very bottom of the front wings. The car is very shiny and to be fair, the isolated issues do not require immediate attention and overall the Victor is very smart. 



The seats have been refurbished in the past and are in excellent condition.  If I was being picky I would say that cushions have begun to sag but that’s common on most 60’s cars now and mainly due to the foam bases becoming weak with age.  The door cards are good, so is the carpet and the headliner is excellent.  The wood veneer is ok but will need attention in the future; overall the interior is very clean and tidy whilst being very comfortable. 



I drove the car for 60 miles without any issues and the old Vauxhall had no problem climbing hills in top gear and the brakes are superb.  The gearshift is very precise and the car held perfect temperature. I would go as far to say that this car is one of the best classics I have driven.  The owner also advised that he had recently had a full service carried out. 


So, to summarise, this 63 Victor is in excellent condition for a 53-year-old car.  She does need some bits and bobs but nothing urgent and you can just jump in and drive this Vauxhall without any worries.  


Please feel free to contact us for more information. 



(Card payments welcome) 



1962 Hillman Super Minx

1963 Hillman Super Minx


With only two previous owners and an incredible low mileage of just 64598 from new. This lovely, smart and reliable 60’s classic is a must for a buyer looking for a Rootes Group icon.


The Minx comes with a folder of history, including a car log showing trips and work done when the car was new. There are also a large number of bills for work carried out over the years.  The Rootes service book is also stamped up until 1972 showing a mileage 23799 miles at that time.


With regards to the description, the following in my opinion describes the cars current condition.



The Super Minx has been previously restored with the work done around 1999 and still looks very smart with its light blue paintwork and cream roof.  The previous owner did however scratch the passenger rear door and although he had the paint, he opted for an aerosol touch up which was not quite the right shade. We will however rectify this for the new owner prior to sale.   The body is very solid and straight, however there are a few minor imperfections which purists may pick up.  To be fair though, the Super Minx is getting a lot of attention on the forecourt with most people saying how nice she looks.  The underside is again excellent.



The seats, door cards, headliner, dashboard and trim are all superb, whilst the carpets look tidy but in my view would be better replaced at some point.



The Super Minx shines in this department, as the previous owner was a Rootes mechanic so he really kept the engine and transmission very well maintained.  The car drives fantastic and she will cruise without any problem at 65 to 70mph. The ride is smooth, the brakes great and the gearbox excellent.  Prior to sell, we will of course fully service and give her a health check.


So, to summarise, this 63 Super Minx is fabulous in my opinion. She looks smart, drives fantastic and the interior is a nice place to be.  She’s not showroom but then she’s not showroom money. You can however put this car in the garage, polish her once a month and enjoy many long summer days cruising with the family or taking her to shows. 




1966 Rover P5 MK3 

Welcome to our sale of this stunning 1966 Rover P5 Auto. 


We are selling on behalf of the cars current elderly owner who has had this car from new, only covering a genuine mileage of just 81736 in 51 years. 


The car was also featured in "Life is sweet "a TV  programme about Nigel Slater on BBC. 


Sadly now, the owner has to part with her due to mobility reasons and so the P5 is ready for a new loving owner.   So on to the description which I will outline as accurately as I can but at the same time I would urge interested parties to view. 



The Rover is in lovely condition but has had paintwork over the 51 years and still looks very good.  There are some minor isolated points as you walk around the bodywork, however the car is very straight and honest with no signs of bodged repairs, serious corrosion or misaligned panels.   The door all-close with a nice healthy click and the paintwork is very shiny and bright.  Being picky, I would say that some minor repairs have been done by the owner inside the rear doors but this is not unsightly and certainly doesn’t distract from the overall nice appearance of the car. A small bit of TLC would address these. 



The owner has had the front seats fully refurbished in leather and the work has been done to a very high standard. The only thing I would say is that the fronts now look new and purists may point out that they don’t match the grained originality of the rear ones, however these can be re-colored and treated to match.  The carpets are very good considering the cars age and the veneer is in superb condition.  I would personally replace the door seals and screen rubbers as they are beginning to go hard and brittle. The tool kit is also still in its original tray under the parcel shelf



The P5 always starts without hesitation and idles extremely quietly.  The owner advises that there has been an unleaded conversion so the car will run on normal fuel.  On the road the Rover is very quiet, smooth and comfortable with a very nice auto box. She is however on crossply tyres which in my opinion should be changed to radials for piece of mind. 



Its very rare to buy a 51 year old car from the original owner, especially one which has been so very well looked after and loved as much as this P5 has.  Words can not describe the sadness felt by the owner and his family over the sale of this fabulous car but the only solace is that the new owner will cherish the car like he has.  The owner has authorised us to put a fresh 12 months MOT once sold. 


Condition is not showroom,  however she is certainly superb with only minor jobs to bring her up to show standard.  There is no doubt that whoever is lucky enough to win this car will totally fall in love with her, not withstanding that good solid P5's are becoming rare and expensive. 


(Card payments welcome) 



1970 Sunbeam Vogue 

Welcome to our sale of this very rare 1970 Sunbeam Vogue



Registered on the 5th of May 1970, this Sunbeam is believed to be the only licensed one left in the UK.  Originally badged as Singer Vogue models, Rootes Group dropped the name in 1970 and re-badged as Sunbeams for the last 6 months of production.  With such a small production number and the cars rarity, the Vogue is certainly something you wont see at any shows.


Our particular car has covered only 83,000 miles and was supplied from new with the Webasto roof conversion, which looks striking alongside its gunmetal grey paintwork and black interior.  The only slight change to the specification is the Humber Sceptre wheel trims which I personally think looks great. 


She is a very clean old girl and has obviously had work over the years but considering she is 47, the condition can certainly be described as extremely good and smart.   The following is in my view an accurate description of the Sunbeam but please feel free to contact me with any questions or to arrange a viewing.



The Sunbeam is very presentable with no serious signs of rust. There are some age minor related marks and some isolated and small blistering above the headlight panels but this is pretty insignificant and certainly doesn’t distract from how nice the car looks.  The paint is very shiny and although the chrome isn’t perfect, it is good for a car of this age.  Inside the front doors there are some blistering around the front a post but again not serious and would not take much to resolve.  The front and rear screen rubbers are new and 100% water tight, as it the rest of the car so no annoying wet carpets.  The engine bay is again very clean and with exception to some signs of welding on the driver’s front jacking point, the underside is again excellent.



The inside of the Sunbeam is very nice with no rips in the seats

, Nice carpets excellent veneer door cappings. The dashboard is also good but the glovebox is just starting to crack in places but can easily be rectified. The rear parcel shelf is a bit distorted but it appears that a rear seat belt has been fitted. Door cards are excellent and with exception to some age related marks, the headliner and Webasto cover is again in excellent condition.  The dials and instruments all work as they should and the Sunbeam is a very quiet and comfortable car to sit in.



The Sunbeam fires into life easily and idles quietly with no obvious knocks or rattles. We have carried out a service and replaced the front core plug, clutch master cylinder and flushed the cooling system.  The tyres are all like new and the sunbeam drives very well.  I would also like to point out that we will be supplying a full 12 months MOT on sale.



Arrow Series Rootes cars are becoming scarce and good ones are even rarer. This Sunbeam is probably one of the rarest models left, with exception to restoration projects or scrap cars left undiscovered.  Ours is not showroom or new condition but she is superb with only minor flaws, which a new loving owner can rectify at a very small cost.  In the meantime the Sunbeam can be used and showed with pride, not withstanding that these cars do drive very well and will carry a small family and luggage with ease.




I would urge interested parties to snap this car up, she really is a very nice old girl.



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